Meet the Filipina

1461872_10151994284157770_764905027_nThank you for coming across my blog, “Confessions of a Filipina”.

My name is Atheana, I am a full blooded filipina, happily married and a mommy to my little munchkin daughter.  

For a few years now I have been wanting to start a blog about make-up, beauty,craft projects and different recipes I have tried —just cause I have a lot to share and I am obsessed. All my life I have been around make- up/ beauty and  I have a family full or great cooks.

This is my first official blog. And I cannot wait to share my secrets, thoughts and experiences with you all. Before, I get started with all my confessions…  I would like to let you know–  I have spent my very own money on these make-up products, beauty products, crafts and the food for all the recipes. Companies did not give them to me or supply them for me to review and write about them in this blog. I just really want to share my love or hate for the products. So, please don’t forget to leave questions, comments or concerns.

Let the confessing begin…


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