Beauty Blender

I met a friend for lunch and I could not stop looking at her flawless finished face. She told me that she uses the “Beauty Blender”. Uhhh… what is that and why haven’t I ever heard of it before? She showed me a photo of it from her phone and all it was, is a pink egg. How can that little pink thing makes your face look like that? I NEEDED IT!

At the time the Beauty Blender was only sold on- line at Sephora. And, of course you know me… I bought it, used it and now it is a huge part of my daily make up routine.

The Beauty Blender is shaped like an egg for these reasons: the top pointy part of it is usually used for under eye concealer and to really get into the corners and creases of your eyes. The bottom flat side is usually for blending out your foundation. I like to put my Beauty Blender under water and squeeze it out cause I think it works better that way and my foundation blends better. This is what works for me and may not work for you. I have also seen that the Beauty Blender now comes in all sorts of fun colors and I cannot wait to purchase them all.

I have to “Confess” that I am truly obsessed with this product and I don’t think I can live without it. Thank you to my dear friend Vy Ninh for introducing it to me!




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