No- Sew TUTU

My daughter goes to ballet at least 2 times a week and she loves wearing her tutus. I have started making them instead of buying them because it gets kinda pricey after a while and this way you make it any color that you want.

What you will need:

  • 7/8″ any color ribbon
  • Any color tulle spools/ or by the yard
  • scissors


  • Measure Child’s waist with the ribbon and make sure to leave extra so you can tie it in a bow.
  • Cut 30-40 strips of tulle (my daughter likes her tutus fluffy and full). Cut them 3 inches x 12 inches.
  • Tie a piece of tulle in a knot around the ribbon. Repeat until all your tulle is gone.
  • When you are done cut the ends of the tulle to make sure your tutu is even all around.

Found this picture on Pinterest from Mammalicious Finds:


My Daughter in her No- Sew Tutu


I have to “Confess” that my daughter has at least 28 different colored tutus. If she could wear them everyday, she would!


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