Make-Up Brush Holder

I love this idea!– I can always just through my make-up brushes in a simple container, spend 30 seconds shuffling through them to find the one that I need, and be on with my day.

But, I don’t.

I like this idea because the sand actually holds the brushes in place and you can see every single brush head. Beads, coffee beans, and rocks just don’t work the same way… Trust me I have tried it all! It’s super to easy to make and you can find all the supplies in one store.

What you will need:

  •  simple glass container ( square or circle )
  • any color sand (1 package worked for me)


  • Pour your sand (got mine from Michael’s) in your glass container (got mine from Michael’s) Arrange your brushes as you see fit, and your done!
  • You can always tie fancy ribbon on the outside of your glass container to make it pop

I have to “Confess” that I told you this DIY project was going to be easy



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