Person with a Huge Heart: Melissa- Emily

I must “Confess” when I started thinking about making a blog or what it was going to be about, it was stressful and I was totally clueless about the whole issue. You have to figure out what site you want your blog to be on, what to name it, and how to design it… agh!

I met a friend over Instagram because I follow, Keller Williams Realty in hopes one day to become a Real Estate Agent (maybe). I have been following MelissaEmilyRealtor– she would post pictures of her journey/ process of being a great realtor and her work of amazing interior design. Well, you know me and I couldn’t hold back my words… I commented on one of her pictures saying that her work is amazing and she is so inspirational to others who want to start in the Real Estate world. Melissa- Emily is a wonderful mommy, full time Real Estate Agent, Staging and Interior Design Consultant, Blogger, and a Youtuber! How does she do it all?… I have no freakin idea! Her time management is amazing. Obviously!

But, after a few months of commenting back and forth on each others Instagram and Facebook, our social networking friendship got closer. Hee-Hee!

I mentioned to her that I wanted to start a blog about make-up, DIY crafts and pretty much anything. And, Melissa- Emily has been blogging for years with her latest blog site: secretsofaglammom. She was very honest and told me that blogging will take a lot of my time, that I have to be very consistent with my post, and that it’s a lot of hard work. For not ever meeting this person, for living as far as Tennessee, she has helped me, name my blog, helped design my blog, and without her– my blog would still be full of words, no pictures and a bunch or purple boxes that you can click on but, it would take you no where.

Thank you Melissa- Emily for all your inspiration, honesty and support.

This is her… isn’t she just gorgeous!




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