Decor: My HUGE Plain wall

In my townhome, I have this really huge plain wall that is between the living room and the dining room. I couldn’t just put one big framed picture because it would off set my flat screen tv (2 big rectangler objects ). I decided to get crafty…

I got my frames from the Dollar Store and repainted them to get a more vintage/ modern look. The little and big square shelves were a set I got from my wedding, I am pretty sure I saw the set at Bed, Bath and Beyond and I got my candles from Ross $6/each.

The art that is framed are textured/ colored/ pictured  paper from Michael’s. I don’t like a lot of pictures in my house (I know I am a werido) so that’s why I decided to just do the paper.

I enjoyed decorating this wall, I just did whatever and placed whatever frame anywhere. I knew   I didn’t want my frames in order, in a line or in a particular shape. I definitely wanted it scattered so it would take a lot of space of the wall.

I have to “Confess” that I once added pictures in these frames but it took away the conversation between person to person



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