Diaper Sushi Rolls

I swear to you… people can make cakes, cupcakes, wagons, cars and SUSHI out of diapers. Who makes this stuff up?

I helped a friend make this for a baby shower she was attending and I thought it was a super cute/ creative idea and so different from the traditional diaper cake. This craft project was easy and fun.

What you will need:

  • 11-12 newborn diapers
  • Felt Sheets (Green=Cumber) (Pink=Salmon) (Red=Shrimp)
  • Black or Dark Green Ribbon (2inch-3inch) (Used for the seaweed)
  • Chopticks
  • Black rubber bands/ rubber hair ties
  • Black duct tape
  • Plate, Bento Box or a simple container
  • Rubber/ Finding Nemo/ Stuffed Toy Fish (usually hard to find… there was 4 at Toys R Us and I bought them all)


  • Sushi Roll: Roll the newborn diaper tightly and wrap it with the black rubber band/ hair tie. Then take your ribbon and wrap the diaper to make it look like the seaweed, take your duct tape and secure the ends on the ribbon. Then, take your felt and stuff the middle of the diaper, you can mix and place the colored felt all sorts of different ways
  • Nigiri Sushi Roll: Stack about 5-6 diapers depending on how big your toy fish is. After you have stacked your diapers, place the toy fish on top and tightly wrap the ribbon, then secure the ends of the ribbon with duct tape
  • Arrange your sushi rolls on a plate/bento box and add your chopsticks right on top
  • If you have extra green felt, you can use as wasabi and extra pink felt for ginger

I “Confess” that my next friend (s) who has a baby shower… you will be getting Diaper Sushi Rolls



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