Closet Space

I absolutely love my walk- in closet and I don’t think I would ever move into a place that didn’t have one. My closet was such a Hott-mess! Oh so bad!… I colored code my clothes, all my sweats and Pj’s, I just fold and through them up to the shelves, then my shoes I just put in tupperware and stack them on each other. For a while I thought that was super organized… But, between picking something to wear, what shoes go with what, and laundry–I just put clothes and shoes where ever they seemed to fit. And, my Husband would get so annoyed cause he wouldn’t have any room for his stuff and my things were every where and any where. It was just really had to keep all my clothes and shoes organized.

So, finally today I cleared my schedule and totally re-organized my closet. When you look at the before and after pictures, I added the brown and tan boxes and added my jewelry stand. The Boxes, I got on sale at Kmart for like $4 each and they are heaven sent. Those boxes made my clothes much more organized, has a cleaner look and easy to get to. I added my Jewelry stand because my toddler daughter looooves to play with all of it and just makes a mess. I decided to hide my jewelry in the closet and put it high up. My shoes are still in tupperware and are down low on the floor, I don’t know why I ever thought it was a good idea to put them up high cause every time I needed a shoe, it was really hard to get and the Tupperware would always fall on me.

I “Confess” that organizing my closet took me 4 hours

Closet: Before


Closet: After



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