Dr. George’s Dental White

I love this Product!!! I found out about it from a Make-up guru I watch on you tube, Jaclyn Hill. I found the kit on Amazon.com and to me it was a good price so, I decided to try it. I mean… Jaclyn Hill’s teeth are super white, just watch her videos!

The kit, comes with the mouth guards, the product and the instrustions. Applying this product was super easy and I did not have any bad reactions to it and It’s totally helping and making my teeth whiter then ever.

The surface of your teeth may seem smooth, but if you look under a microscope, there are noticeable pores. Stain-causing foods and drinks get into these pores causing teeth to darken over the years. The active ingredient in Dr. George’s Dental White® is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is extremely small in size and easily enters your tooth’s pores, following the same route as stain-causing foods and drinks. It takes several minutes for the peroxide gel to be absorbed by your teeth, thus the necessity for custom trays. The trays prevent saliva, with its peroxidase enzyme, from causing the peroxide to form regular oxygen and water. Therefore, inside the tray, active oxygen is released, and the tooth is lightened by the actual conversion of colored compounds to colorless compounds. The teeth can be whitened in 2-3 weeks. The Dental White™ process is not only a more effective method, but a safer one – due to the reduced treatment time. (drgeorges.com)

I really hope you try it out!

I “Confess” that teeth whitener products are so hard to come by… But, this one is the best




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