MAC: Brow Set

So… the summer days are coming very soon and I decided to go lighter with my hair and put some blonde highlights. My natural hair color is plain dark brown almost black. I bought this product because since my hair is now light my eye brows DO NOT match anymore. I know I didn’t want to tint or bleach my eye brows… Well, I found the secret to make your eye brows lighter, not a permanent dye and it is so amazing … MAC: Brow Set!

I got my Brow Set in color, Boy Girl. It’s a very light shade of caramel/brown. It matches so well with my lighter hair and you can put as much as you want. I love this stuff so much you have no idea. It’s super easy to apply and use: the brush is like a mascara brush so you just swipe and follow the shape of your eye brows. So, if you are looking to go darker or lighter with your hair and you don’t want to dye or tint your eye brows … I would suggest trying out this brow set from MAC! You will not be disappointed 🙂

I “Confess” that this is one of the coolest beauty products I have used on my eye brows




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