Urban Decay : Eyelash Adhesive

I am not sure if you can just buy this eye lash adhesive alone at Urban Decay or if you can even find it on line. BUT… I got a pair of lashes for free per spending more then $50 promo and I finally tried them but I didn’t really fall in love with the lashes, I fell in love with the eye lash glue/ adhesive … haha. It comes in a very little bottle, I mean probably enough glue to use when you wear the lashes a few times. The applicator is just a little stick that you just dip in the adhesive and then swipe on the lashes. The glue is a pearly white but when it is swiped on the lashes it turns this pearly light blue color. The adhesive is super strong, in my experience holds a good 8 hours, glue doesn’t have a smell, doesn’t feel heavy … I just love it. I just a really good product to have a around.

I “Confess” that this adhesive might be better then DUO





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