Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser

I bought this beauty product to go with my Beauty Blender Sponge that I use to put on my make up. Well… I wasn’t very happy with the, Beauty Blender Soild Cleanser at all. I am actually okay with cleaning/washing my Beauty Blender Sponge under luke warm water and regular hand soap.

What it is:
A solid form of the natural blendercleanser for cleaning the original beautyblender as well as brushes.

What it does:
This cleanser supports the integrity of the blender as well as removes excess residue and germs for a clean makeup application. (

So, on the back of the container is states to damp your beauty blender sponge and then rub it on the solid cleanser… Uhhh, it didn’t work! My Beauty Blender was still dirty and it didn’t even look like any build up came off. I am pretty bummed that this product didn’t work for me cause it’s apart of one my favorite beauty products…

I “Confess” that I sure did return this product after I knew it didn’t work




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