My Hawaii Trip 2014

I had the best time on my Hawaii Trip. HUGE —Thank you to my amazing cousin Jessica for taking me everywhere and showing me all around Hawaii … I cannot wait to go back! And– a special thank you to my loving hubby for giving me a break from mommy-hood 🙂

1. I got to visit my Bestie Cousin, Jessica.

2. I got to see Hawaii in a whole different way not as a tourist but as a local.

3. I had so much fun. Duhhhh

4. I am in love with POG juice. (Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava)

5. I met some new friends … they are so funny and sweet

6. I got to see, Pipe Line… where all the surfing goes on

7. I got to see the famous, China Man’s hat

8. I got to visit the same spot I got married at 3 years ago aka Angel’s Bay Beach

9. Enjoyed myself at the Swap Meet.

10. Went on a hunt for my University Hawaii Shirts LOL… and got to see the campus

11. Chicken Long Rice is my favorite Hawaiian Dish

12. I had Poke 3-4 different ways. LOVE!!!!

13. I got to visit Lanikai Beach

14. Sherwoods Beach ( Waimanalo)

15. Took a drive to North Shore

16. Visited HE>i store ( bought a tank top and a sticker for my car)

17. Learned so much about the Hawaiian language, people, culture, beliefs and lifestyle.

18. I am in love with  Acai Bowls.

19. Ordered Malasadas for Leonards… like I always do.

20. Shopped at the Ala Moana Mall

21. Shopped at cute little stores at the Kahala Mall

22. Ate a ton at Side Street Inn

23. Danced at Bar 7 “Sevens”

24. Went to the look out spot called ” Halona Blowhole”

25. Got a Massage at Laka Skin Care and Spa

26. Got to drive on my favorite Highway “LIKELIKE HIGHWAY”

27. I had an amazing time… TAKE ME BACK!


My Cousin Jessica and I– right when she picked me up from the airport


Laniaki Beach


Visiting the Spot I got married at ( 3 years ago- Present)


Food at Side Street Inn


Poke from Foodland


POG Juice


Beach at North Shore


The Look out at the Halona Blowhole


Getting for our Massages at Laka Skin Care and Spa




Before and After: Home Office

Since I am new to the Blogging world and I work from home as a Market Director, I needed some sort of space to do my work or even maybe a little corner of a room. And, that’s what I did. I always had a desk and a small spot for decor but I needed it to be functional.

I always wanted a cute space to work, pay bills and sit and explore on the computer… I just added a few decor things and organized files, and put everything where they needed to go. I am super happy with what I accomplished and you can definitely make something 10 times better with just adding color and decor.

I “Confess” I got most of my office decor from the dollar store or the dollar section and target