My Hawaii Trip 2014

I had the best time on my Hawaii Trip. HUGE —Thank you to my amazing cousin Jessica for taking me everywhere and showing me all around Hawaii … I cannot wait to go back! And– a special thank you to my loving hubby for giving me a break from mommy-hood ūüôā

1. I got to visit my Bestie Cousin, Jessica.

2. I got to see Hawaii in a whole different way not as a tourist but as a local.

3. I had so much fun. Duhhhh

4. I am in love with POG juice. (Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava)

5. I met some new friends … they are so funny and sweet

6. I got to see, Pipe Line… where all the surfing goes on

7. I got to see the famous, China Man’s hat

8. I got to visit the same spot I got married at 3 years ago aka Angel’s Bay Beach

9. Enjoyed myself at the Swap Meet.

10. Went on a hunt for my University Hawaii Shirts LOL… and got to see the campus

11. Chicken Long Rice is my favorite Hawaiian Dish

12. I had Poke 3-4 different ways. LOVE!!!!

13. I got to visit Lanikai Beach

14. Sherwoods Beach ( Waimanalo)

15. Took a drive to North Shore

16. Visited HE>i store ( bought a tank top and a sticker for my car)

17. Learned so much about the Hawaiian language, people, culture, beliefs and lifestyle.

18. I am in love with  Acai Bowls.

19. Ordered Malasadas for Leonards… like I always do.

20. Shopped at the Ala Moana Mall

21. Shopped at cute little stores at the Kahala Mall

22. Ate a ton at Side Street Inn

23. Danced at Bar 7 “Sevens”

24. Went to the look out spot called ” Halona Blowhole”

25. Got a Massage at Laka Skin Care and Spa

26. Got to drive on my favorite Highway “LIKELIKE HIGHWAY”

27. I had an amazing time… TAKE ME BACK!


My Cousin Jessica and I– right when she picked me up from the airport


Laniaki Beach


Visiting the Spot I got married at ( 3 years ago- Present)


Food at Side Street Inn


Poke from Foodland


POG Juice


Beach at North Shore


The Look out at the Halona Blowhole


Getting for our Massages at Laka Skin Care and Spa




Pureed Diet

Before I knew it I had only 2 weeks to get Skinny for my trip to Hawaii. Well, I started on a pureed diet and what do you know— it actually works. I lost 7 lbs in a week…

All I do is buy fresh peas, squash, green beans, corn and spinach — I would cook them with saut√©ed onions, garlic, salt and pepper and then after just blend it all up to make it look like baby food. I also bought bake/roast chicken and then blend it all up… the food looks terrible but it actually taste good. Again, this pureed diet worked for me and it may not work for you. To me it was just a fast weight loss diet that I needed to do before my trip.

I “Confess” I might want to continue eating like this for a while even after my trip

Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Spinach, creamed Corn and Chicken


Finding the perfect PreSchool

As you know my little– not so little daughter just turned 2 and my Husband and I are looking into PreSchools. When I had a baby I wish someone would have told me how hard it is to find a PreSchool, there are a lot of things you have to think about, good school, good referral, safety, tuition, and location. I am a stay- at -home mom and I do work part-time as a marketing director which, I do work from home.

We live in El Sobrante, Ca and the company that my Husband and I work for is located in San Francisco, Ca–(30 drive time). So, as for locations of schools we have to look in both cities and weight the different options, if I continue to work from home, I would find a school here- very close to home or If I wanted to work in the office, my Daughter would go to school in the city by our jobs.¬†

We have looked at a few PreSchools in San Francisco and all of them are on a 2 year waiting list and some are apart of a pool. Which means, that you will be hand picked if you qualify… So you don’t even know if you are even going to get in. We also are looking into Catholic PreSchools which are so much money but the curriculum is amazing, I also went to a Catholic PreSchool. I have been introduced into Co-Op PreSchools where parents would have to go in and work at the school, which is kinda cool cause you can be involved with the school and see what’s going in a day to day life at PreSchool where your child attends.¬†

I did go to school for, Early Childhood Education and I know the different teachings, the difference between, Childcare centers, in- home child care, PreSchools… etc. My #1 thing about looking for a PreSchool is SAFETY. My ideal PreSchool, I would want video cameras, high fenced play area, you would never know there was a school right there, not on a busy street, high profile background checks on teachers… ¬†guess I am just being a crazy mom!¬†

The search goes on for my ideal PreSchool…

I went shopping…

I went shopping this past week and I went to Sephora and Lush…

I cannot wait to share with you guys what I got … Liked and Dis-liked

Lush: Bath Bombs, Moisturizer, Mask

Sephora: Anastasia Brow kit, Nars lipstick pencil, and Beauty Blender Cleaner

I “Confess”¬†that I love using and re-viweing all my new beauty products

I think I am addicted to blogging

I cannot believe how much I love blogging! I only have been blogging for over a week and I cannot believe how many people are apart of the blogging world and have been doing it for years.

I just started my Blog, Confessions of a Filipina over a week ago and I already have a bunch of comments, likes and at least 50+ followers. Four days ago, I also made a Facebook page and I almost have 150 people and other bloggers who have liked my page.

I want to say thank you to my family, friends and to all my followers who are apart of my blogging journey! And, a special thank you to Melissa- Emily and my loving Husband for making this all happen.

I have to¬†“Confess” I am addicted to Blogging

25 Reasons: Why I love my Husband

25 Reasons why I love my Husband:

  1. ¬†HE’s my Husband
  2.  He works long hours to support our family financially
  3.  Allowing me to be a Stay-at-Home Mommy and work on my blog
  4. The way he gets mad and scrunches his forehead because I don’t want to do the dishes
  5. He’s passionate about his career
  6. He’s loving
  7. He’s helpful
  8. He’s an amazing father
  9. He’s a great listener
  10. He’s does everything I ask, even though he doesn’t feel like it
  11. He’s handsome
  12. He’s very thoughtful when it comes to people in need
  13. He’s Handy
  14. My Parents love him
  15. He spoils me
  16. He’s a loyal friend to have
  17. He’s adventurous
  18. He will back me up in any situation
  19. He’s my perfect match
  20. He’s never made me cry
  21. He has a great sense of humor
  22. He always supports my crazy ideas (like this post)
  23. He does more laundry than I do (he does it all)
  24. He’s my best friend
  25. He’s looking over my shoulder and reading what I am typing, and totally agrees with it all!

I “Confess” that we may not see eye to eye on some things. But, we always talk it out and find a way to meet in the middle. It’s called compromise…

Time for Mommy to hide

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom and I absolutely love being a wife. But, sometimes… We as mothers need time to hide, breathe, or go for a run. When I get the chance (when my Husband get’s home)… I like to grab a glass of chardonnay, pick a nail polish color to do my nails, sit on the floor, light a fresh scented candle, and lock my self in the bathroom.

In this moment, I get my thoughts together, take in the silence, and really cherish the time I have to myself. I am a full- time stay at home mother, part-time marketing director for my husband’s company, and now a blogger. My time is valuable and my days are busy. So, if any of you mommies out there need time to yourself and you don’t feel like going out or getting a cocktail with your girls…lock yourself in the bathroom and make it enjoyable.

I have to “Confess” I usually lock my self in the bathroom for a good 45 minutes to 1 hour


NEW Logo

I made my very own logo to use for my blog. I knew I wanted something simple and chic. Fancy lettering in a pink circle … you cannot go wrong! Hope you guys like it as much as I do!¬†


I have to “Confess” that I made this all by myself, surprisingly since I know nothing about graphic design or fancy computer operations. Yay ME!¬†

Bikini Body Ready

I must¬†“Confess”¬†when it turned 2014 I wanted to sign up for a gym membership, get on a diet, and start doing yoga. YES!!!!… I am one of those people!

My husband and I bought an elliptical because paying $30-$40 a month for a gym membership was insane to us. And, who’s to say that we would actually go 2-3 times a week? So, we both have decided to go back on the Paleo Diet ( Natural Foods only ), use our elliptical 30 mins a day, and start using our weights that we bought so they aren’t just collecting dust in the closet.

I am going to try real hard to be consistent with working out and sticking to the Paleo diet because… I am going to Hawaii in February!!!

Hope we keep it up!