DIY: Crayon Letter

I made this as a gift to my niece–At the time she was the head Pre School teacher and I wanted to make her something that she can put up in her office and make it be a conversational piece. I got the idea again from Pinterest but, of course I put my own twist to it.

I thought of doing this piece with crayons because PreSchoolers use a lot of crayons and made the letter into a “K” cause my niece’s name is Keanna and all her students called her Ms. Keanna… This project was so fun and you can definitely play with it and make it to your own style, make any letter, change up the crayon colors, and change the framing…

I “Confess” I bought all the supplies at the Dollar Store



Reusable Shopping Bags

I attended a bridal shower this past weekend for my childhood friend, Andrea. I normally just buy a Victoria Secret’s Gift card and be done. But, this time I knew I wanted to give her something that she could use all the time and something for her and her husband to -be. I decided to give her, reusuable shopping bags, the county that we live in now bans, plastic bags and we now have to purchase paper bags for $.10 if we really needed one.

I want to give a special thank you to, Print’em All (El Sobrante) !— Print’em All is a printing and design company right down the street from my house and they do such an amazing job! They can print or design anything to shirts, posters, business cards, signs … etc. They did such a great job printing and helping me design the reusable shopping bags and the turn around time was fast! I went in there on Monday afternoon and I was ready to pick up by Friday morning. I think the best part about the whole process when printing and designing with them was that, they send you the actual product and the design through e-mail so you can see everything is the exact way you want it before pick up. Thank you so much and I will definitely use this company again!

PRINT’EM ALL –3820 San Pablo Dam Road–¬†El Sobrante, CA 94803


¬†I “Confess” that Baby Showers and Bridal Showers are my favorite party to attend, full of family, friends, and games.

 Congratulations to Andrea and Marvin! #teamjung


DIY wood lettering in a Shadow box

I made this for my cousins, Sheila and Brian for Valentine’s Day. And, my other cousins, Jennifer and Rob as a wedding present.

I knew Jennifer’s style was modern and chic. I also wanted a present that came from the heart and also crafty. I knew I wanted to make something about love, their names just something very meaningful.

When you get married, one person’s love and another person’s love become one whole new love. I decided to have Jennifer’s name intersect Rob’s name and I ended it with a heart because… Duhhhh?!? They love each other!

What you need:

  • Wood lettering (scrabble letters, I found mine at Michael’s)
  • A Shadow Box
  • Crafts glue
  • Any color paper for the background of the fame
  • Any color paper to make a heart


  • Spell out the names of the people you want to gift this to. Take your piece of back ground paper and start placing the wooden letters on with glue. You can make the names intersect anyway or if the names don’t intersect each other like (Joe and Tish) go ahead and place the heart for a space to make it look like they intersect.
  • To make the heart: The pack of wooden letters always comes with a few blanks. I took red construction paper and cut out a tiny heart and glued it on the blank wooden piece.

I have to “Confess” that every time I make this shadow box … I can’t help but think how important true love really is