Finding the perfect PreSchool

As you know my little– not so little daughter just turned 2 and my Husband and I are looking into PreSchools. When I had a baby I wish someone would have told me how hard it is to find a PreSchool, there are a lot of things you have to think about, good school, good referral, safety, tuition, and location. I am a stay- at -home mom and I do work part-time as a marketing director which, I do work from home.

We live in El Sobrante, Ca and the company that my Husband and I work for is located in San Francisco, Ca–(30 drive time). So, as for locations of schools we have to look in both cities and weight the different options, if I continue to work from home, I would find a school here- very close to home or If I wanted to work in the office, my Daughter would go to school in the city by our jobs. 

We have looked at a few PreSchools in San Francisco and all of them are on a 2 year waiting list and some are apart of a pool. Which means, that you will be hand picked if you qualify… So you don’t even know if you are even going to get in. We also are looking into Catholic PreSchools which are so much money but the curriculum is amazing, I also went to a Catholic PreSchool. I have been introduced into Co-Op PreSchools where parents would have to go in and work at the school, which is kinda cool cause you can be involved with the school and see what’s going in a day to day life at PreSchool where your child attends. 

I did go to school for, Early Childhood Education and I know the different teachings, the difference between, Childcare centers, in- home child care, PreSchools… etc. My #1 thing about looking for a PreSchool is SAFETY. My ideal PreSchool, I would want video cameras, high fenced play area, you would never know there was a school right there, not on a busy street, high profile background checks on teachers…  guess I am just being a crazy mom! 

The search goes on for my ideal PreSchool…